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Atheist Debate

The outright denial or refusal to accept that a God exists is an untenable position because it cannot be proven (you cannot prove a negative). However, the Atheist is free to give his opinion on why he does not believe in God, or does not believe a God exists.

As we have found this primarily falls into the category of errors or inadequacies in the Bible.

These errors and inadequacies invariably entertain to impeach the accepted nature of God, i.e. omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, benevolent, and so forth. They generally do not contrast between various theologies such as entertaining a Jewish response to Christianity, since the Atheist is not really interested in disproving Christianity, or Judaism, but in the very existence of a God. Thus the issues on this page should be limited to purely Atheist concerns against the bible and God in general. Debates centering around the applicability of theology in a denominational sense probably belong elsewhere.

Unresolved or Unsorted Issues

Issues which have been resolved

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