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Information about Conversion – to bna'i Noach or to Judaism.

Conversion to bna'i Noach

You are already a bna'i Noach. All living beings (including Jews) are bna'i Noach. You can go and start following The Seven Laws of Noah right away. This is not an organized religion per-se, however you should join an organization to complete your obligation to create courts of Justice.

Is it possible to convert to Judaism?

Do I have to convert to Judaism?

No. You can just be a Noachide if you don't want to (or can't) convert.

Should I convert to Judaism?

Converts and the Conversion Process

Here are some resources.

Also see Conversion Testimonies.

By the way I would suggest that if you do not have time to watch all these videos then you probably don't have time to be Jewish. Being Jewish requires a lot of studying. Then again – don't rush yourself! As they say, it's the thought that counts. But please do take advantage of the information above – it's being handed to you on a silver platter.

Is conversion difficult?

Can I convert to Judaism Online?

You can start with something like this if you really want to, to learn. But don't fool yourself into thinking anyone in a Jewish community will accept an online conversion. It's a bit like getting an Online Ph.D. – No engineering company is going to hire you if all you have is an online diploma. It's a risk – you might not have been trained properly and you could end up hurting someone. Conversion to Judaism is much the same. The more credibility your conversion class has, the better it will be for you later on.

That being said, there *are* some online resources, for example,,, and that you can check out.

What do Jews think about Converts?

Taking the first step

We can't help you, you have to go to the Jews to become Jewish. We are more than happy to point you to the Jews though; often, as Noachides, we will be living close to or be involved with a Jewish community anyway. Here are some resources I've found very useful. In no particular order..

Oh yeah, and here's some more videos.

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