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Ezra's Temple Discussion R-1

An IRC log of a conversation with R in summer of 2016, as I recall.

Claim made by R. Support as follows

R. no, God divorced the children of jacob as a kingdom of priests representing Him …. He did that simply because they did not represent Him but worshipped other gods who were no God
t. I totally agree with you that northern israel was issued a bill of divorce and carried off by assyria – as prophesied in leviticus 26 for example – but also in that prophecy god says he will never finally cut off his people.
R. israel is the symbolic name of God's church regardless of blood lines
t. R. No that violates prophecy.
t. I'd be interested in whether or not there was any scriptural support for it though
R. nope, its part of prophecy
t. Where? You mean Jeremiah 3:8?
R. jer 3 is where God writes His bill of divorce, … dan 9:24-27 is where God puts ancient israel on probation ….
R. the destruction of the temple in jeruslem the divorce became final
t. R. No that is a misunderstanding.
t. R. I can support it if you're interested :)
R. i dont think so
t. R. I can show you
R. prophecy for the rebuilding of solomon's temple was fulfilled under ezra and nehemiah
t. You mean the prophecies of Ezekiel for a third temple?
R. herod's temple would have been the 3rd temple
t. Interesting, but erm, impossible
t. Specific plans for the temple are given and only in herod's time was the place created for the temple to be built (according to prophecy)
R. at the end of the 70 years of babylonian captivity is when the prophecies to rebuild restored Jerusalem took place fulfilling prophecy
R. solomon built the temple, the first … teh 2nd was built under ezra/nehemiah …. the third would be herod's
t. The “second temple” in herod's time could not have been the thied temple because it did not conform to the plans given to Ezekiel.
R. so you say there will be a 4th
t. Erm no, I have given a strong argument that what you say can't be possible
R. well, you can reconcile the histpory on your own later
t. Two things – as this is an utterly fascinating issue to me – do you have any scriptural support – and two, as I cant figure out whhat this has to do with Jeremiah 3:8 – is it related to what we're talking about earlier? Thanks
t. Ahh ok, well I'll take a look, ezra and nehemiah, this should be cool! Thanks for the tip
R. one does have to read Dan 2 as God's prophecy for the future and read Dan 3 as Satan's curse of false prophecy for the future
t. But it's quite simple to show God did not divorce the Jews in Jeremiah 3:8.
t. Daniel 2.. writing it down, 1 sec
R. if you consider Dan 2 & 3 as such, the conflict between Christ and Satan is demonstrated, its not till the end that Satan's false prophecies fall apart
R. time and place, context, has to be considered

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