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Noachide Bible Study


In January 2018, I began a bible study group on Saturdays with my family. My family and I would sit down before lunch or in the early afternoon of a Saturday and we would read through the entire bible.


The whole idea of this project was to explore the bible and get an overview of what it says from a fresh perspective and see what made sense. A sort of “de-programming” to re-read the bible on one's own in order to see the truth from a perspective of exegesis.

The goal is not to perform an in-depth study of the bible. The goal is to prepare one to start following Parashat and Haftorah without feeling completely alienated. It's true that many people learn Parashat from a very young age. However those of us who have found God later in life often do not have such a luxury. You can use this path to ease yourself into it. It's either that or watch some sort of Parsha for Kids for a year, then some sort of Parsha on One Foot for a year, then start listening to normal Parsha talks.

Finally, in order to be as inclusive as possible we will make great use of Sola Scriptura. This is an important approach we will use to interpret the bible – and one which arguably should be taken – especially for new Noachides. However, we will not turn a blind eye to any commentary which sheds appropriate light on the subject, even Christian commentary – where it makes sense. And where it does not, we will not be afraid to call out any translation or commentary as bad, or just plain wrong. In that sense, we also want to compare translations and begin the foundations of a Noachide Study project.


There are 929 chapters in the Hebrew Bible and 260 passages in the Christian bible. At one chapter per week it would take more than 20 years to go through both books. Therefore in the beginning, it is probably a good idea to take things slow. As you pick up speed you may want to begin looking at two and perhaps even three chapters in one lesson. Additionally, you may want to study two or even three times per week, or for up to two hours at a time (instead of one hour at a time). If we were to give a time frame then, consider three hours a week of study (plus one weekly sermon); If you never miss a class you should be able to cover the entire bible (including the Christian bible) in three years.

If you're only interested in studying the Hebrew scriptures three years is a more than realistic goal.

After you have completed this study it would be possible to start following the Parashat and Haftorah readings if one so desired, and you would have a very strong foundation with which to follow along normally.

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