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Noachide Bible Study

Family Bible Study

In January 2018, I began a bible study group on Saturdays with my family. My family and I would sit down before lunch or in the early afternoon of a Saturday and we would read through the entire bible. What I started to do was prepare some study notes in advance, and then re-check them after the session. The results of this effort can be found at “Lessons in Genesis”.


There are 929 chapters in the Hebrew Bible and 260 passages in the Christian bible. At one chapter per week it would take more than 20 years to go through both books. Therefore after the first few lessons I plan to increase the readings. The goal here is not to perform an in-depth reading ala Parashat (see below) but to give an overall impression of the key points a Noachide needs to know about the Bible.

Still, it seems that it's going to take several years to go through even just the Hebrew scriptures this way. Perhaps at some point we can also double down with an extra Wednesday class.

After you have completed this study it would be possible to start following the Parashat and Haftorah readings if one so desired, and you would have a very strong foundation with which to follow along normally.


You can also follow along with the weekly Parashat and Haftorah readings. I'll be on the lookout for noachide-specific resources which can help you with this.

More Informaton


A detailed examination of the Christian Bible.

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