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Noachide Law

There are many ways we may approach introducing the Noachide Laws. One way is to note that since this is a Law for all generations, it will require teaching to pass it on from generation to generation. Therefore there must be some word which can be written down and kept simple and concise, from which we may then ponder and arrive here where we are today.

I notice that since the covenant requires us to do certain things – we might begin with a discussion how to fairly evaluate whether or not we are doing those things. After, what does it mean to follow God's will if one does ont have a statemnt expressing God's wil.

After all, doing certain kinds of things where one must withdraw form polite society (Christian, Muslim or Jew) will allow us to educate others on what those things themselves ar Therefore establishing courts of Justice may amount precise what are tseven laws Therefore establishing courts of Justice may amoue; And thus we may codify an exact body of Law, and guarantee ease of understanding and ease of application everywhere. For our God is not a god of confusion, but of plain truth and understanding. Therefore let us begin by establishing the understanding to underpin all other Noachide Laws; the establishment of the Court of Justice.

The Establishment of the Court of Justice

It is the business of those under the Noachide covenant to form courts of Justice. Why?

“For your lifeblood I will surely exact punishment, from every living creature I will exact punishment. From each person I will exact punishment for the life of the individual since the man was his relative.

“Whoever sheds human blood,
by other humans
must his blood be shed;
for in God’s image
God has made humankind.”” –Genesis 9:5-6 (NET)

The word of God thus demands capital punishment.

But this is not a command in and of itself (it is, but only on a technicality, and only recognized as such because it was commanded before). God is telling us that as a result of the fact we are created in the image of God, we must employ capital punishment. This in and of itself confirms the method of understanding the meaning of the verse; we are created in God's image, and this means we are created to do the same things God has done; to separate the light from the darkness, to take action during the day (in the good) and to create things which are good (for the good).

Also there must be some way of enforcing this.

Also there must be a central way of enforcing this – an authoritative way run by Noachides. Otherwise it would create a situation where capital punishment might be punished with capital punishment – perhaps ad infinitum. In short there must be the establishment of justice itself, as a social construct.

It can be noted that the laws of the Country you live will almost certainly abrogate you from taking action yourself. Any action you were to take to enforce this could be seen as breaking the commandment to establish courts of Justice – should such courts exist, as they do – since in the case of vigilanteeism you would be working against the normal establishment and operation of existing courts of justice.

So vigilantism is right out. We don't need another Charles Bronson (We didn't even need five, but it happened anyways)!

However in the case where there is no such acting court of Justice, one must take it upon themselves to create one.

Therefore establishing courts of Justice may amount to nothing more than educating people on what a Noachide court of justice must do; and this will include education on the actual laws themselves which would need to be judged on and enforced. So precluding this judgement is a law and a system of educating people (and common people) about that Law.

Credibility of the Court

Enforcement to be credible might pass between us un-noticed. On one hand, these courts are fulfilled as we are created in God's image. Therefore the credibility of the Court is found in it's acceptance among Noachides either by it's strength and therefore usefulness, or by some other means cexluding effectivey

  • requires Truth, Fairness and Equality.

Enforcing these laws in whatever capacity (in either education, judgement, or punishment) requires acceptance which requires credibility. And therefore this acceptance, and credibilty, may only stem from our creation in the image of God.

Therefore in that we believe in God, fear God, seek God, the Noachide must accept the authority of the court established over him which he supports; he must respect (fear) the authority of the court, and he must seek to fulfil the laws of said court as he seeks to fulfill the commandments of God.

However, should the Court overstep it's bounds and declare laws not based on, or otherwise contradictory to God's word, it would instantly lose it's credibility and therefore would cease to exist as a body of authority for Noachides.

Submission to an Existing Court

You should familiarize yourself with Rabbinic Noachide Law. This is a fascinating subject but you must always keep in mind that Rabbinic Noachide Law is entirely Rabbinic in the sense that it is based on the authority of the Rabbis. This means it is only in effect when the Noachide establishes a court of Justice by submitting to the authority of a Jewish court – i.e. when they are living among Jews, or a Jewish community.

In a like manner, if one does not live in a Jewish community but instead lives in a community where laws are enforced in a different way, one must submit themselves to that existing Court for all grievances, save those explicitly stated as being outside the bounds of the court's juristiction (I.E. no secular court will prosecute you for not believing in God).

Authoritative Establishment

When the Noachide is NOT living in a Jewish Community or is not within eyesight or earshot of a Jew, Rabbinic Noachide Law does not apply. It must not apply because in such a situation, the Noachide is unable to submit to a court of Jewish Law and must therefore establish their own.

Therefore there should be an equally as authoritative (as discussed) set of laws to enforce within the community.

Who should enforce the law?

As stated above, whichever court holds authority in the land. If this is a Noachide court, in that one may exist legally within a country as itself submitting to such a court, and by representing all Noachides who support it, then such a court would be responsible for enforcing it's laws.

Standard Noachide Law

There is an easy way to determine Standard Noachide Law – begin with Rabbinic Noachide Law and remove all of the proofs which rely on verses contained solely within the Torah (the Jewish heritage). We're not Jews, and we are not at all bound by the Jewish commandments. We must not try to keep Jewish commandments like a Jew – this would be bad news in many ways as we would be acting against God's will as stated by him in other locations regarding the Law being given to Israel alone.

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