The NSV Bible

The bible is the greatest story ever told. Man's relationship with God is foremost in his mind, and this book is the message of God to all man.

The NSV (Noachide Study Version) of the Bible has been created to help you develop a close, personal relationship with God. Finally, God's plan is available to anyone who seeks it!

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Familiar Readings

Based on KJV translation family grammar and language, you will find the NSV to be familiar and readable. Yet it has been updated for modern language and smooths out many rough areas where the KJV reading was found to be difficult in comparison.

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Theologically Accurate

The translation has been checked against the oldest known texts. You're not reading someone's opinion here -- you're reading what the bible actually said, 500 years before the temple was destroyed. You are smart enough to understand it without someone else telling you what it means!

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Missionary &

Herein you will find extensive notes dealing with Missionary and Counter-Missionary efforts. Nothing like this exists in any other bible, anywhere.

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