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  • What do you believe and why do you believe it?
  • Darth Dawkins calls it “lack-theism” – but isn't that just agnosticism? 'No I don't think so because there is a difference between knowledhe and belief,. DD says you can't be agnostic about god because….' there's a distinction, a true dichotomy, either there is a god or there is not, either we are in a god world or a not god world. So either you believe there is a god or you believe there is there is not a god. So there is a middle grond here that DD refuses to admit exists, so there is a burden shift.

Can you tell me more about the burden shift? DD will insist you cannot be agnostic, because you cannot make a positive claim, dd wants you to make a positive claim so the onus becomes on you to explain your positive claim. So now it's on you that it is on you to prove God doesn't exist vs the normal case where the theist would be required to prove God exixtx.

dd is on record stating he does this to humiliate atheists.

  • Yes, this is the stated position, they are only interested in tearing down the opponent's worldview and they're not interested in proving their specific case.

“I sort of feel like darth has a tendancy to refuse to map to the place. ….?” “…” “Being in the constant process of drawing up a map, to look around me and draw rthe map as accurately as I can, and that is why you draw in a pencil, so if you realize something is wrong based on the available evidence, you can take your eraser out and you can remove it and redraw it so it looks more closer to reality.” So that is how I view my worldview, it's like a map.

  • what's life like for an atheist?
  • atheism being similar to being honest with yourself
  • the time mormons came to your house
  • the time you spent time with your grandmother who was lonely, or going to church for her sake
  • Why do you think these 'christians' engage in the type of dishonest debate tactics that they do – such as swearing, bullying…. “i try to evaluate people on their own merrits… just because these people are yelling and offensive.. i dont think other people would be that way too. even though it seems to be all the same ilk pretty much. as for where it comes from, it comes from their pride, they take the pride they get from the sense of community in their group, but they are thin-skinned and they have a tendancy to take themselves too seriously. Tartarus once commented to me when he first met me that people could insult me and be obnoxious they would take it in stride, but when it happened to other people they would get riled up. My beliefs are not 'sacred', if people disagree or think they are ridiculous they are allowed to say that. My beliefs are serious 'to me', but I don't get upset about what other people think. For me it is about how you treat your fellow man. Because usually you don't have a reason to treat your fellow man badly.

So take dd, i think i mentioned this to you before. So the presup script, off the top of my head, i said i am not sure how to refute you, but I am sure there is something there. Because something feels off about what you are saying, like there is a logical fallacy or an error and I need to look more into it. And dd said “Ninclow, you have the intelligence of a 3rd grader with downs syndrome.” – so (i) had to laugh, but if dd said that to someone else, (i) would get upset. So secondly we are on a discord server talking about my beliefs, and my beliefs are important to me, but we shouldn't lose our shit when we encounter someone who doesn't believe the same things we do. So my neighbor is a muslim… and we're cordial with each other (…).

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