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A Response to AronRa

The (Short, Original) List

Please see the “More Information” section below for more information on this list and the goals I hope to achieve with this response.

Little to No Polemic Value

No Polemic Value


After viewing “In No God We Trust: Exceptional Blitz Wedge”, on YouTube, and a number of other AronRa videos, I have come to the conclusion that AronRa is not going to provide interesting response material. In his own words, AronRa is focused on “defending evolution versus creationism”, however we do not hold that evolution and creationism are at odds. Ironically, neither does AronRa, which can be seen in his own words in our analysis of his videos on the first and second foundational falsehoods of creationism.

We thus conclude that AronRa's viewpoint on creationism is of very low polemic value. A short response to the subject in general will be held at Evolution versus Creationism. We don't expect AronRa to change his views or talking points on this subect despite the fact that we have essentially discredited them, simply due to the fact that AronRa's audience consists mainly of Athiests – and they don't care, AronRa's schpiel fits in well with their worldview and the mocking tone with which he presents his source material goes over very well with what they expect to hear. We will move forward with a Response to DarkMatter2525 in the future.

Initial Concept

Dear AronRa (and friends);

As of late July 2019, you have around 600 videos on your YouTube page. Many of these videos receive hundreds of thousands of views; sometimes over a million; yet you do not monetize your videos. That makes you more authentic in my book. Your videos have writeups such as “This is the ultimate challenge to be answered by anyone hoping to promote creationism…Any intrepid creationist who attempts to meet this challenge will instead discover a truth…”. You appear well-dressed, sometimes in a suit and tie. You don't appear as a prep but neither are you shaggy. Your videos are usually shorter ones, under 10 minutes long, and stick to to the point.

Thus I chose you over DarkMatter2525 to respond to first :) Is this an honour? Perhaps – then again, DarkMatter2525 has more videos and is more popular – but I also view him as somewhat less credible because some of his arguments are too ridiculous even for you. But enough of this, I'm just saying Hi, and that I found your subject matter worthy of a response.

This is going to, in general, be a comprehensive response in that I will be going through all 633 of your videos (as at time of writing). I think it's worth it. There will be some videos I don't respond to, in general, when you repeat the same argument as before or a previous response would suffice, I will link to a previous response or I will provide a short explanation of why I don't feel it is important to respond to the video. If for example you issue a statement which is primarily ad hominem (hey, I said if) or does not really represent something I disagree with (Christians can be extremely ignorant of their own bible) I don't see a need to respond to that with more than a short comment. And in that light in order to make this as interesting as possible I will separate your videos into three tiers, each tier presenting the videos in order by date according to their tier;

  • Issues of Polemical Value (Interesting arguments, original arguments, arguments I may not have a response for, arguments younger than 100 years)
  • Critical Debate (Standard arguments, but which are still important and to the point, but which for whatever reason are easy or trivial to refute or which have been refuted for longer than 100 years).
  • Trash Bin (Not every photo is a keeper, don't take it personally. A lot of what I say is trash too. Look on the bright side; you can appeal and I will take a second look!)
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