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The Problem with Paul

Houston we have a problem. The problem with Paul, you see, is that there is such a problem. A Christian might fire back and say that Paul is an easy target to attack because he is so prominent in Christian literature, and is such an important figure. This is true, however it is also true that it is worthwhile to examine everything about Paul because he plays such a central role. For if he is found to be of God, let it strengthen our faith, and if he is found to be a false prophet let us be thankful we have been saved from many deceptions.

So what's the deal with Paul anyways? Unlike Timothy or Peter or James or even Judas – where we have a very complete picture of who he is, who he was, what he said and meant, and the general place he fits in back in the day when Jesus walked the earth – au contraire, the more we seem to see of Paul the less we seem to understand.

Paul is an Enigma. Thus it becomes very important for us to understand exactly where Paul fits in with the new testament.

The Prooftexts of Paul

Other miscellaneous places where Paul uses the scriptures to prove a point.

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