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NSV Bible Online

The current version is hosted here:

  • This version is under development, we currently have a reasonably usable book of Genesis.

Religious Debate

This section and everything below is from a much older version of this website, from before I started the NSV project. This entire section needs to be totally reworked into a single list of questions and answers that presents both positions of the debate, in order to present a balanced approach to missionary-countermissionary studies.

If this is your first time here, you may wish to read the Noachide FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

You are welcome to explore everything on this site. Here are some more starting points to help you get going:

Counter Apologetics

These articles are all mostly several (10+) years old and need to be reworked. The current plan is to rework them into a giant archive of questions and answers.

  • Atheist Debate – Repsonses to claims and statements made by Atheists, Agnostics, etc.
  • Christian Debate – Discussion over the claims and statements made by “mainstream” Christianity.
  • Muslim Debate – topics related to Islam
  • Other Claims – Topics that might not neatly fit into the above.

Original Articles

Articles of original research. This section has kind of morphed into a “this is what i havent finished yet” section, but there it is.

To be written

  • An article on Hebrews 9:4 vs. HS
  • A discussion over whether or not Matthew was “really” quoting from the Septuagint or if this is just a claim to get out of differing quotes

General Interest

Other Useful Resources

Stuff I need to look at later

"I'd like to leave a comment."

If you'd like to respond to one of the issues present on the site please send an e-mail to An automated comment form will be added when we have time, until then please submit all comments via e-mail.

"I'd like to contribute to this site." is currently a private, personal project for my own edification. I have struggled deeply with many of the theological issues presented on this site. If you find the information here interesting, helpful or useful, feel free to make comments and suggestions as you like. I'll include them when I have time to edit the site. If you find you enjoy the work and would like to do more, you can also be given an account here and add information on your own. My only concern is that things are kept neat, tidy and fair.



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